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Point Of Sale


If you are opening your store for the first time, or have decided to upgrade from a cash register, then Reckon's Retail Point of Sale is what you need.

Finding the right software is one thing but then having to find the point of sale hardware that is compatible with your software is another and than on top of that is it compatible with your accounting software. We at Business Helping Hands can solve all of the above issues in one easy step.

We are not just a retailer of Point of Sale software. Whilst we can supply the software, the hardware package and accounting software we specialize in the setting up and training on not just the Point of Sale software but also the accounting software as well.

Our knowledge and experience has come not just from attending training course but mainly from actual hands on experience using the system within our own businesses.

If you wish to implement a Point Of Sale system or already have Quicken Retail Point of Sale and need some training or support, then please dont hesitate to contact Business Helping Hands... visit our contact page for details ... CLICK HERE